Rebar detection and measuring the thickness of the protective layer of concrete

While construction repairing and maintenance of buildings, ability to detect various of subsurface metal objects is extremely important.


Measuring of the concrete protective layer thickness and detection areas with rebar elements – is a mandatory procedure before starting repair and construction works. To solve this problem the Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector  is used, it is a device for non-destructive testing, which is operating with interaction of electromagnetic fields.

Using the Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector, user can detect the location of the subsurface metal objects and the top row of rebar and measure the protective layer of concrete.

Also, the device allows user to determine the approximate diameter of the rebar and determine its position under unknown protective layer of concrete, and after to draw the layout of structures for further testing or to restore the lost documentation of reinforcement. Device has four scanning modes, equipped with graphic display with backlight and sound sensors.


The value of the concrete protective layer  has a significant influence on the durability of concrete structures. The protective layer protects the rebar from the ingress of moisture, oxygen, corrosive fluids and gases. Rebar rods which have a small protective layer or large defects therein, are primarily corroded. The thickness of the protective layer of concrete – is very important parameter during the building or inspection of any concrete structure.

Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector meets all requirements for accuracy and functionality, for devices of this class.

The device has four operation modes:

1) Main mode – measuring the depth of the rebar;

2) Scan mode;

3) Deep search mode;

4) Mode of measuring the diameter of rebar


Rebar detection is performed by scanning the tested surface with the sensor of the device. The searching process of rebar detection is displayed on the screen line indicator and in value of distance to the rebar. For convenient operation, instrument has sound indication option. When the sensor is approaching to the rebar element, the frequency of the sound signal is increasing.


The device allows to identify the unknown diameter of reinforcement using a dielectric gasket. The first testing is performed without gasket, the results are recorded in the internal memory of the device, then the second testing is performed with a gasket and the unit displays a diameter of rebar.



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