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Please, contact our specialists for assistance to choose the appropriate devices and clarification of the order. When you select the necessary devices and confirm all the details of the order, we will send the invoice for payment.

Please contact our specialists for assistance in operation(без s) with instruments or determination of potential causes of device failure, and for warranty repair.

Free warranty repair, service and shipping is performed by NOVOTEST company within 12 months after shipment (or within the period of extended warranty).


Since Sept 2018 we started to provide basic 3 (1+2) years free warranty period.

During 1-st year, all costs for servicing, repairing, etc. are covered by our company.

If devices fail after the warranty period, we shall provide service and repair of our products.
In this case, shipping and repairing are paid by the buyer.
Please contact with our specialists for assistance in servicing and repairing.


Skype: novotest_world

Phone: +38 067 593 59 77

You can also buy spare parts. For example: probes, Leeb impact bodies; chargers, cables, printers, etc.
Please contact with our specialists for any assistance in buying of spare parts.

Please download manuals for the following devices. Also any questions about using NOVOTEST devices, please contact our specialists and we can help you or give some advices.

Also, the latest files of datasheets and operation manuals for all the devices available on Google Drive at the link – Download .



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