Please contact our specialists for assistance in operation(без s) with instruments or determination of potential causes of device failure, and for warranty repair.

Free warranty repair, service and shipping is performed by NOVOTEST company within 12 months after shipment (or within the period of extended warranty).


Since Sept 2018 we started to provide basic 3 (1+2) years free warranty period.

During 1-st year, all costs for servicing, repairing, etc. are covered by our company.

During 2-nd and 3-rd years, servicing, repairing, calibration are for free too, the user has to pay just for transportation to both sides.


Since Oct 2021 basic warranty period for NOVOTEST products is 1 year.

An extended warranty of up to 3 years is available at an additional cost.

Within this period, all costs for servicing, repairing, etc. are covered by our company. Shipping to both sides is covered by the customer.

Other warranty terms are available by request.


The warranty does not cover batteries, chargers, cables, etc. It applies only to the devices and probes.

Any questions regarding warranty and repairs should be discussed beforehand with our specialists.

Also, we can provide an extended warranty up to 5 years.


Advantages of extended warranty:
1. Extension of the warranty on the devices up to 5 (1,2,3,5) years;
2. Free repair during the period of extended warranty;
3. Repair of the majority of faults not covered by the standard warranty (for example, damage caused by surges in line voltage);
4. You needn’t pay extra money for additional services in the future. Service, diagnostics, consultations are included in the extended warranty program.


If you want to get the extended warranty, you need pay for the extended warranty certificate. The costs of extended warranty is 30-100% of value of the purchased product.


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